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Master of the Desert Nomads

For years, the Great Waste to the west of the Republic of Darokin has been the home of nomad raiders. Petty little tribes, both human and otherwise, have roamed this trackless waste, raiding each other and the surrounding settlements. For a while, the local lords easily controlled this banditry. Then the tribes became dangerous: the raiders apparently set aside their feuds and prepared for war. Spies reported massive armies gathering. Shortly, some of the farthest flung towns were no longer heard from. Heeding their spies and the stories of refugees from the west, the lords of the Republic sent out a call for arms. Throughout the settled lands, they asked for mercenaries and experienced men to fight the nomad foes. All manner of men answered - peasants, mercenaries, veterans, elves, and adventurers. Among these many came you.

You were late in arriving, for the main army had already marched. You joined the rag-tag lot of reserves going to meet them: the undesirables and unusables of those who came to fight. Along the way there were many quarrels and disputes. Peasants fought for a dead man’s boots; drunken mercenaries ransacked a village; men were knifed as old blood feuds broke out. Finally, the reserves reached a village only recently taken by the main army. Still among the smoking ruins were the signs of nomad enemies - humans, orcs, and other unknown creatures. The commanders halted at this place. Now you have been camped here for several days.

Rich Berg will be running this conversion from OD&D (yes…Original D&D…from back in the 80’s) modules X-4 and X-5 to Pathfinder 1st ed. Ruleset. The modules are somewhat unique in that the adventure moves through the backdrop of a huge war taking place with the party performing an important quest to help decide the fate of the war without directly participating in any of the major battles themselves. Pre-generated Characters of 12th level will be provided to choose from. The setting is in the old (original D&D) Mystara campaign world, although players need not be familiar with the setting I will be posting some background and setting information for any who are interested.

The adventures will be primarily outdoor – wilderness setting, with some dungeon crawling, and I anticipate it will take mutiple sessions of play to get through both modules depending on actions of the players. I will have detailed information on the characters and their abilities and powers, so while knowledge of Pathfinder is a plus it will not be necessary for game play. For those who are interested, this is a somewhat rare opportunity to player higher level Pathfinder characters in what should be a challenging setting. Also, given the age of the modules, even experienced players will likely find themselves facing situations that they are not familiar with (these modules loved to introduce new and unique creatures).
It's "Role Play" not "Roll Play" big diff...oooh! I got a natural 20!


  • DavidAndersonDavidAnderson Plant City, FL
    I'm in for a thief type if you have one.
    Currently running Savage Worlds: Necessary Evil at home, and I'm going to run a Fantasy AGE mini-campaign in 2017 for the guild. It's called The Lost at the Crossroads and more information can be found at
    Can run Dungeons and Dragons 5e, Savage Worlds 2.0, Mutants and Masterminds 3.0, Fantasy AGE, Powered by the Apocalypse .
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