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Novus Somnium for Year Ten -- Nexus City

edited May 2010 in Novus Somnium
Greetings to all!

(I posted this on the other sub-forum for Novus Somnium but I've added it here for additional exposure.) For the third year in a row, the LRPG will be presenting a fantasy role playing game mini-series. We will have our introductory session at the end of May and three full-length adventure sessions will follow thoughout the summer. This game series will use the Savage Worlds rules system and the games will be run by Guild Officer Ralph and me, your ever-amazing and awesome Guild Master. ( :roll: )

While fantasy is the general theme of the Novus Somnium program, we try to aim for a cool flavor to spice up the fun. In the past we have had pirates and Weird West sub-themes. This year, we will be trying SteamPunk as it offers a very colorful backdrop and as it has never had a major presentation in the Guild previously.

I have been working on the background and sketching out the adventures. I still have some work to do but it is coming along quite nicely and will be ready for our preview night. Once I have finished just a couple of additional things, Ralph will be getting the material to "crunch" the adventures since he has far more experience with the rules system than I.

Until May's second meeting and the formal preview, here is a brief synopsis of the Nexus City setting background. Enjoy!


The setting is an overcrowded, large and fantastical metropolis in an early industrial age / classic Victorian age style. It rains often although this mostly is a steady drizzle and is perpetually dim, even at midday, due to its smoke- and soot-filled skies.

The city is ringed by an elevated heavy rail system bringing raw materials from the Nichols Mines in the south, refined materials from the Gibson Works in the north and some finished products from the Dade Factory Complex in the northeast. This heavy rail line also runs to and from the nearby Port Plant in the west as does a major light rail line for passengers.

Additional light rail lines cross through the city ferrying passengers to home, work and local recreation. Shorter travel within the city also is provided through steam carriages on paved brick streets and lighter versions equipped with rotors for local air travel. Dirigibles provide long-distance air-based transportation for the upper classes and those small segments of the middle class with the means and need for such conveyance.

The population is human-dominant but other races are present, including ogres and goblins and dwarves plus a small number of mutated humanoid mongrels.

Faith and belief are directed by different and opposing religions: the Spiritualists who worship the Holy Divinity; the Machinists who revere technology as the savior of modern society; and the Naturalists who continue to follow the old ways of druidic and arcane magics as well as darker arts.

While science is at the forefront of intellectual thought and holds a dominant place in the world, magic still is present, albeit in a diminished form, and together both schools have helped society progress and grow with the advent of steam engines and the clockwork machines as well as the refinement of alchemical items.

The growth of these technological aides to industry is causing strains in society. The working class, demihuman and less-fortunate human alike, feel that they are being pushed aside in favor of machines. Many do not have the skills to help in the manufacture of these industrial engines and question what is to happen to them “once their usefulness is at an end.”

Chief amongst these new tools are the clockwork automatons that are far more advanced than the earlier limited-function clockwork helpers. Through a combination of technology and sorcery, clockwork devices have been used to aide in a variety of tasks and even have replaced the damaged or ruined limbs of some of the upper class citizens and more means-capable middle class.

Now, whole clockwork men are being created and cast in the role of laborer. The workers, especially the goblins, are rising against this march of progress. Others feel that something is not natural with these crafted and forged “men.” All fear the potential unrest that this latest step for progress may bring.

"So understand / Don't waste your time always searching for those wasted years / Face up ... make your stand / And realize you're living in the golden years" -- from "Wasted Years" by Iron Maiden
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