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Novus Somnium - Setting & Rules Set

edited October 2008 in Novus Somnium
As many of you have heard, we are going to try this years Novus Somnium using the Savage Worlds Rules Set. Some of you either own the book or may have had some experience with the system. This friday, I will be running a quick character creation session and an introductory adventure. For those of you who are curiuos, or who die within the first 15 minutes of AOL, you are more than welcome to try the introduction to character creation and the rules set.

Thank you to everyone who can make it out for any of the events happening this Friday- October 10th.


  • Hey everyone, Ralph asked if I would please post for him, he will have to postpone this intro game for another meeting, due to family visiting from out of state, he apologizes and thanks you all. :(
    "Do not spoil the wonder with haste!"
  • Gina F." said:
    ...Ralph ...will have to postpone this intro game for another meeting... :(
    I will be bringing Runebound Second Edition for anyone interested. About 6 people can play before it becomes unmanageable. If Ralph's copy of the game makes it to the meeting, I will 'run' both games.

    take care and have fun,
    Sheet metal battle grid.....'For Sale' sign character sheet......the guild shoebox of stuff......fear my REDNECK POWER!!!
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