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Creating an Endera character

Before we start to run my Interstellar Overdrive campaign, I want to encourage you to create a 4th level character of your own. We're using D20 Modern rules. Just use the classes from the core book, since I don't have any of the expansions.
As you may know, skills and equipment are limited due to the lack of some technologies on this planet.
Skills NOT allowed (yet) are: Computer Use, Craft Electronic, Drive, Knowledge: Arcane Lore, Perform: Keyboard, Pilot, Ride.
Feats NOT allowed are: Aircraft Operation, Drive-By Attack, Advanced Firearm Proficiency, Double Tap, Vehicle Expert (unless the vehicle is a sailboat only).

Equipment: You may possess any "standard" equipment up to a purchase class of 11. If the item has metal in it, increase the purchase class by 14. (Yes! Metal is expensive!) I'll allow you to own it if you can make your wealth check. There are no electronics or autos or other engine-dependent items available. You may be temporarily issued more advanced gear before a mission. If your profession requires an item, you automatically get a basic version of it. Firearms are limited to shotgun and rifles (PC: 29)(Ammo: PC:15) All grenades (except thermite) and splash weapons are available, however, restriction modifiers apply. If a simple, normally metal weapon can be effectively made from bone, stone, wood, or ceramic, it can be purchased at the normal PC. Keep in mind that a bone rapier will probably break very quickly.

Names: Names of humans are not English names or ones we are familiar with, except by coincidence (i.e. Zhani Karsin) Go to to generate a good name if you're having trouble thinking of one. Mok-Mok names have an accent mark over the stressed syllable unless it has only one syllable or it is hyphenated, in which case the first syllable is always stressed.

Creating A Climber Character: Climbers get a -2 strength penalty and a +4 dexterity bonus. Start as you would create a human, spending 25 pts. for stats using the chart on p. 15, keeping in mind the modifiers. After initial stats are generated, THEN subtract 2 str. and add 4 dex.
Climbers get an automatic +4 in balance and climb skills. All Climbers (and humans) from within human-controlled areas automatically gain speak, and read/write human and Mok-Mok. All Climbers may choose the "2-weapon fighting" feat, regardless of class. "Soldiers" and "Martial Artists" can choose "3-weapon fighting" and "4-weapon fighting." Soldiers alone can choose "5-weapon fighting" and "6-weapon fighting." Climbers also take a -4 to hit penalty when fighting in full sun or brighter light unless their eyes are protected. A Climber's speed is 25. A Climber can climb at 1/2 their speed.


2-Weapon, none, -4 -4
3-Weapon, Dex 16, 2-Weapon, -4 -4 -6
4-Weapon, Dex 17,Str 10, 3-Weapon, -4 -4 -5 -6
5-Weapon, Dex 19,Str 12, 4-Weapon,2-Legged Balance rank (10), -4 -4 -5 -5 -6
6-Weapon, Dex 20,Str 13, 5-Weapon, -4 -4 -5 -5 -6 -6
(note: wielding light weapons in hands 1 and 2 (top two hands) will reduce the penalty to -2, -2. Only light weapons may be wielded with the other 4 hands.)

SKILL: 2-Legged Balance:(Dex) Prerequisite for 5,6 weapon fighting feat. Climbers use this skill whenever they need to use all 6 hands or when a situation arises where only the legs are free for motion. Degree of success roll determines how long one can balance in turns.

Backgrounds: I also encourage you to think about a background for your character. Your characters will probably be fully employed (or self-employed) with a flexible schedule since your employer would allow you to take time off for adventures. There are a full range of jobs available, within the limitations of the world at this time. You may wish to look at the "Rise of Endera" story in the Command Deck for Interstellar Overdrive. There are factions you may wish to be a part of, or religions that you want to join. I wasn't too specific about human religions, so if you want to make one up that's not too wacko, feel free. All the characters are living in the city of Bittersweet now, but they could have come from elsewhere. I can find a place for you. I'll go over the geography a bit before the game.

I'd like to limit the number of Climbers in the party to half the party or less. (A balance is going to be important) If you want to make up 1 human and 1 Climber, then the group can decide the makeup of the party.

Last Note: I'm not a killer GM. As a player, I enjoy developing my character and becoming attached to it, so as a GM, I tend to not like killing off characters. However, I don't have much sympathy for outright recklessness or extreme stupidity, so don't expect me to bend over backwards to save your character when you just intentionally detonated the atomic bomb you were sitting on.
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