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The Endera Tribune

**This subject will include news that may or may not be pertinent to the "Rise of Endera" campaign. After a round of adventures, I will "publish" an issue for those who are interested. I might include clues or other important information, so keep current!**

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~THE ENDERA TRIBUNE~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

The colony ship that illuminated the night sky 16 years ago was discovered by a security detail that was sent to retrieve 4 books stolen by a trusted library assistant named Tampi. Tampi was apparently an agent for the Bubadai tribe. The team, comprised of Calvan Tratz, Timim Bu, Pak Ti, Saraya Meffelin, and Tania Darby (aka Spitfire), pursued Tampi's ship over 400 miles west into Bubadai territory. Despite an ambush sprung by the cunning Bubadai, our team captured an enemy soldier, one of the books, and a boat, although losing a boat of our own in the process (much to the annoyance of Mayor Darbin Darby). The team tracked the ship to a major island of the Bubadais. In the darkness of pre-dawn, they stealthily found their way to a large Climber village tree. A 200 foot climb brought them to an enclosed dwelling where they surprised the reknown Bubadai sage named Waki. With him were 2 of the missing books. From below, sounds of the local militia approached. Trapped on the tree, the only way to go was up. Several grenades sent surprised Bubadais flying from the tree. Near the top of the tree, several hang gliders that the brilliant inventor Waki had created awaited the pursued team. With guidance from Waki and untold courage, all of the team escaped the militia by flying toward the docks where the ship awaited. Several members were wounded by the hail of arrows fired by guards near the docks, but the entire team and 2 prisoners made it back to the ship. On their return after dawn, they spotted the wrecked colony ship near the east end of the island. It was jutting from the water at an angle near the shore. The team was not able to locate one of the stolen books--a book on gunpowder production. The Bubadais will no doubt be making their own soon.

In a related story, Dr. Saraya Meffelin was taken to the Serenity Now Sanatorium after returning from the colony ship island. During her debriefing, guards had to restrain her after she started denying her fellow security team members' stories. She suffered from delusions that she had captured and flayed alive the Climber soldier after the ambush. She also insisted that "meat puppets" were used to fool the Bubadais and also that she charged headlong into a mass of archers and slew them all. As she was hauled away, she could be heard screaming, "You're all meat puppets! You'll see!" Co-workers think that finishing last in her class and the humbling job she obtained sent her over the edge.

A large explosion in the power plant took the lives of 7 humans and 3 Climbers. The explosion was thought to have been caused by the ignition of coal dust in the pre-processing area. Electric power was interrupted for 12 hours as workers scrambled to rescue victims and restore power.

Everyone who wants a job has a job! In fact, some people are working more than one job and there are still more jobs available than workers. Companies are searching far and wide in both human and Climber communities to find more labor. The discovery of the meteor has fueled this unprecedented growth.

Several humans have perplexed doctors with an outbreak of an unknown disease. Serious disease is rare in the human population of Endera. Many of the pathogens afflicting humans have not survived on Endera because of the differences in the biology of native species. Symptoms of this disease include open sores that are difficult to heal, nausea, and sometimes hair loss. Doctors are scouring the ancient texts in hopes of finding a cure.

Mayor Darby, father of Tania Darby (see above article), has rejected the abolitionists demand to release the captured Bubadai slaves now mining our coal at Soggy Bottom. The abolitionists claim that working conditions are cruel and abuse is occurring. Mayor Darby countered that there are not enough people to do the jobs that need to be doing now. He claims that Climbers historically have enslaved captured prisoners of war. He also denies that working conditions are bad, but admitted that he himself would not like to work there. "I'm a mayor, not a miner," he retorted. Not surprisingly, the Ecofreaks have sided with the abolitionists. Most believe this is just an attempt to shut down power production and the ensuing pollution.

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  • Very nice!!
    "Fairy tales don't teach children that monsters exist. Children already know that monsters exist.
    Fairy tales teach children that monsters can be killed."
    -- G. K. Chesterton
  • Excellent work, sir!

    "So understand / Don't waste your time always searching for those wasted years / Face up ... make your stand / And realize you're living in the golden years" -- from "Wasted Years" by Iron Maiden
  • looks and reads well. I'll have to digest it over the weekend and really see about its incorporation in the campaign.
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    Scientists have determined that the mysterious illness that has been causing Swimmers, Climbers and humans alike to vomit, develop sores and lose hair to be radiation poisoning. This astonished doctors because no concentrated sources of radioactive material has ever been found on Endera. A detection device was constructed using ancient technology and it was determined that the source is the meteorite we've been mining for 5 years! In all of the ancient lore, no one has ever heard of a meteorite containing appreciable amounts of uranium, but this one has a large concentration in the middle. All mining and processing of the contaminated ore has ceased. Everyone possessing any metal must bring it in to be tested. Scientists are working on a procedure to separate the uranium from the iron, but it looks like any recently crafted metal items must be destroyed.

    A recent attempt to recover artifacts from the colony ship ended in failure with the team of volunteers being captured. The team consisted of Matlinn Conn, Pak Ti, Dr. Kravor Meffelin (Father of hospitalized Saraya Meffelin), and Mayor Darbin Darby's daughter Tania (aka Spitfire). The warship assigned to the team returned with a Mok-Mok citizen named Marati. He had been enslaved by the Bubadai as a coal digger and a ship hand. The existence of a Bubadai coal mine has concerned local authorities. Our network of Swimmer informants told us that the team managed to destroy 4 Bubadai warships before their capture. Mayor Darby declared, "SOMEONE GET MY DAUGHTER BACK!" The civilian intelligence agency is looking for volunteers to head up a rescue mission.

    A second mission was launched to retrieve lead suits thought to have been recovered by the Bubadai from the colony ship. These suits are vital to the mining of the radioactive meteorite. The mission was headed by Lingrig, Timim Bu, Kaya, Tal Ender, and the mysterious Shadow. A newly crafted Swimmer-powered submarine was constructed to subvert the Bubadai navy. Unfortunately, the radioactive nature of the ore used to construct it had not been discovered yet. During an interview with the mayor, a young reported referred to this as the "nuclear sub." Mayor Darby was not amused. Heroics abounded during the operation. The submarine was used to secretly infiltrate the island. While Timim, Shadow and Kaya retrieved the artifacts, Tal and Lingrig diverted the entire local Bubadai military force of hundreds with a wild chase through the jungle. Only 2 Bubadai were killed, and a host of artifacts were reclaimed, including the 3 lead suits needed for mining. "We are tickled blue!" stated Timim as the city honored them with a banquet last eightday, unfortunately, all members of the team were quite sick due to radiation poisoning from the submarine. Nausea and vomiting were the guests of honor.

    About 70 eco-freaks of both races picketed the Plant City power plant. "This pollution has got to stop!" shouted rabble-rouser MayDee Pinn. The picket was broken up as the subtle wind shifted and blanketed everyone in a cloud of smoke.

    With the closing of all metal processing, unemployment has soared. Many folks who traveled to Bittersweet for jobs have packed up and returned. As economic health slides, inflation has jumped and the government has responded by manufacturing more glass pieces. "When is this crisis going to end?" questioned Billee Forte, one of Mayor Darby's detractors.

    The temperature is expected to reach 95 degrees tomorrow, approaching the record high of 95.2. This wave is expected to last for an eightday when things will cool back down to 94.7 or so. There will be drizzly showers every day for the foreseeable future.

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    Special Operative Tania Darby (aka Spitfire and Mayor Darby's daughter) was freed from a Bubadai slave camp last 8-day after she and several other citizens were captured during a mission several days before. Special Ops Climber Timim Bu, Special Ops humans Calvan Tratz, Amycus Carrow, Billee Forte, Saraya Meffelin, and local store owner Jymrase Cooper stealthily approached a newly developed Bubadai coal mine that was using slave labor from surrounding tribes. Under the canopy of night, and with the aid of an ancient "invisibility" cloak obtained from the old colony ship, the team crept in, quietly incapacitated the Bubadai guards watching the slaves and released over 50 slaves. The group headed north through the jungle back toward their awaiting ship (an arduous 12-hour trek), but then looped back around and crept through the mining camp. Nearly all of the guards and soldiers had either headed north or had boarded docked warships to cut off the group from their ship. After looting the warden's private office, our heroes boarded a half-filled coal ship and set sail. They rendezvoused with their other hidden ship and headed home where they were greeted with cheers and a parade. Mayor Darby enveloped his petite daughter in his generous bulk with tears of joy in his eyes. "No more adventures for you!" he declared. But we all know how well that settled with her!


    A mission to procure a source of the plant pwupoi has met with stunning success as the Special Ops team of Matlinn Conn, Dr. Kravor Meffelin, Tania Darby (see above article), Pak Ti, and Timim Bu not only succeeded in that task but also charmed the King/Priest Baka so thoroughly that he sent Ambassador Otuway here to Bittersweet to establish an embassy. The mission was not without peril, though. Many have tried to execute the complex 14-step ritual of greeting required of Baka, but few have succeeded. Those that have failed have not been seen again. Secrets of the Pokari were unveiled for the first time. An enormous 1200 ft. tower is being constructed from some of the oldest trees around. Baka's goal is to reach above the clouds to observe The Eye of God personally. History has proven this to be a futile endeavor, but that doesn't appear to deter him. The team was subjected to competitive tests of physical prowess and performed quite adequately, except when faced with hand-to-hand combat with Baka's top general, Tutamo. The tremendously skilled general wielded four daggers with such force and swiftness, that Timim Bu, his opponent, was quickly overwhelmed. Chancellor Shobini and President Oto have declared this an historic occasion and welcome peace and free exchange with the Pokari.


    Twelve humans were slain during an attack on a peaceful logging camp in northern Mokay. While no one has claimed responsibility for the attacks, investigators discovered several articles that have been linked to known eco-freaks. One surviving witness said that the assailants came out of nowhere and without a sound. He claimed to see both humans and climbers involved with the assault. Mayor Darby called the attack, "an act of hate." "We do not clear-cut trees anymore, and as soon as we complete the fusion reactor, the air pollution problem will be solved! Eco-freaks are simply terrorists vying for power!"


    Ta Lin, the Bubadai governor has declared the recent subversive activity of the Mok-Mok/Human alliance to be an act of war. "You come here and steal what is rightfully ours! Do you expect me to sit back and do nothing? You abandoned the colony ship over 600 years ago. It is now in our possession and all that is in it belongs to us! You steal our lawfully obtained slaves! What else can this be but an act of war!?" General Hemba has increased border patrols in response to his threats.



    Mootak, high priest of Mokay for The Eye of God has declaimed, "Our new "friends" the Pokari are misguided and lost. Their leader, Baka, has claimed near divinity and offends The Eye with his attempt to breach the clouds. The Eye will reveal Itself when It chooses and will not be dictated to by petty despots. This tower will fall.


    The Climber's Beast cult has moved its headquarters to Hope in order to glean more members from Mokay. Approximately 100 members and their extensive menagerie have set up housekeeping along the shore south of the town. Why a menagerie? The Beast's Lord Protector, Minara Ata, says, "We're not sure what The Beast looks like, but we're pretty sure it resembles one of these, so we worship them all." We at the Tribune hope The Beast looks like a tot-tot because they're so cute!


    Archbishop Justyn of the High Holies has ordered a new miter for his wardrobe. You know it's a slow news day when we have to print this dreck. (This opinion is not necessarily shared by the Tribune staff, but it probably is.)


    For the first time in decades the Travelers are coming back to Mokay. The Travelers live on an island that floats around the world on the ocean's sluggish currents. They are due to arrive in about twelve 8-days. They should bring with them exotic items from around the world and lively and varied entertainment and contests. Start saving now!


    With the resumption of steel manufacturing, unemployment is expected to fall and inflation is expected to rise. Governor is considering minting new steel coins.


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  • Oh darn. Tania didn't get her promotion, even after such an amazing display of diplomacy!!

    "Fairy tales don't teach children that monsters exist. Children already know that monsters exist.
    Fairy tales teach children that monsters can be killed."
    -- G. K. Chesterton
  • I'm sure Calvan's lost of a weapon may have had something to do with that... :oops:
    Oh good, my way. Thank you Vizzini... what's my way?


    The Human/Mok-Mok Navy thwarted a Bubadai attempt to free their slaves from the Soggy Bottom coal mine yesterday. An astonishing series of events led to the uncovering of the Bubabdai plot. While investigating last months city-wide power outage in Bittersweet, a Special Ops team consisting of Tania Darby, Pak Ti, Jakrem the Obstinate, the mysterious Jhon, and the much renowned Dr. K encountered a dead Climber saboteur who apparently cut the line with an axe taken from a logging team that was ambushed months ago by radical Eco-Freaks. The twice disguised body turned out to be Ora Mokay, local muckworm slime dealer whose wife was killed in a Plant City explosion nearly 1 year ago. Apparently driven by revenge, he joined the terrorist organization and was responsible for other minor vandalisms. The investigation led to a secret hideaway in the vast Waste Management drainage swamp. Jhon surprised the gathering there with a deafening blast from from a newly developed sonic stun rifle which incapacitated or killed most of those gathered. Plans for the rescue attempt were found among other documents and local military had plenty of time to prepare a rude surprise for the Bubadai.
    On the day of the action, Special Ops agents Jhon and Dr. K supported the Navy on separate ships, while Pak Ti disguised herself as a slave and infiltrated their barracks. Jakrem, Calvan Tratz, and Tania posed as security guards and awaited opportunities to disrupt the escape. Tampi, the nefarious Bubadai spy, sneaked through our guard and planted a powerful explosive under the guard tower that Jakrem was occupying. The explosion was seen and heard for miles and launched poor Jakrem through the air in a surge of flame and smoke. Miraculously, the tough Jakrem survived the explosion and fall. He even assisted Tania in wrestling Tampi to the ground. Tampi was trussed up like an Opana Dragon and taken to the authorities and Jakrem holed up to lick his wounds. About 30 minutes later, the bombardment of the Soggy Bottom port by the Bubadai navy began. Our navy was waiting in ambush for this moment and overwhelmed their 9 ships with 25 fo ours. A huge Bubadai warship, wrapped in what appears to be plates from the crashed colony ship was boarded by Jhon and his crew. Dr. K shot Bubadai's Admiral Druga with a poisoned arrow. The fighting raged evenly, but the rest of their fleet was easily dispatched. The loss of his fleet and the debilitating effects of the poison were enough to prompt Admiral Druga's surrender. While this was happening, Pak Ti witnessed a bribe of the guard guarding her barracks. A woman dressed as an old lady and known as "Agent M" released the slaves and lead them to the next barracks. All 6 barracks were opened and 120 slaves were released. Thanks to the captures plans, Calvan was in a position to stop the escape from the city at guard tower 2 when he was ambushed by the guard who was normally scheduled to be there that night. Calvan, with an assist from Tania's rifle easily defeated the guard and faced 120 slaves ready to climb the walls to escape. Agent M was the first up the ladder, but the shots from the gun inspired Pak Ti to pull off a skillful bluff. She started a panic by shouting, "We're all gonna die! Run for your lives!" Few slaves had the nerve to continue and most ran back towards the town. Calvan and Tania took out Agent M, but 6 slaves still managed to escape over the wall. They were eventually caught along with 2 Bubadai agents who were trying to take them off the island.
    In all, the Mok-Mok/Human alliance lost 21 lives while the Bubadai lost 35. Tampi, Agent M, Admiral Druga and 131 captured sailors have now doubled our output of coal at Soggy Bottom!


    The Travelers will be here in approximately 3 months if current weather patterns continue. (They've continued for over 600 years, so we're confident.) The Travelers have heard of our technological progress and iron production and have placed an order for 20 powerful outboard engines to enable them some control over the movement of their island. Steep discounts have been promised for goods and services in exchange!


    The governor of Tangen, southernmost island in the United Circle Isles was caught transmitting secret technology to the Bubadais 3 weeks ago. A radio laser was discovered on the roof of his mansion by a Special Ops team sent there to gather information on the secessionist movement there. The government thinks the Bubadai received secrets of hydrogen generation, lasers, internal combustion, aluminum production, and electricity. Our scientists have surmised that the Bubadai have used electrical technology to recharge a cache of blasters they discovered aboard the colony ship and used against us in the battle of Soggy Bottom. Fittingly, Bandilbar was executed by electric shock. His treason and removal from power seems to have quelled the secessionists for now.

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  • I think we need to go to the gun shop next game and git sum double barrel shotguns and maybe some lasurz too!

    I like big guns!

    During the meshball game between the Pokari all-stars and the Mok-Mok all-stars, Mayor Darbin Darby's life hung in the balance as Dr. Meffelin applied resuscitation after a poisoned dart struck him in the neck. Fortunately, the neurotoxin used on it was much more lethal to Climbers than to humans and the Mayor pulled through. The assassin was later tracked to a Bubadai trading vessel and flushed out by a Special Ops team of Dr. Meffelin (aka Dr. K), Tania Darby, Jakrem, and Timim Bu. A cross-town chase ensued and the Bubadai Assassin was cornered by a street gang and pummeled. Dr. K arrived in time to save his life and make the arrest. The assassin, Jantoa, has yet to reveal his employer or motive. The Mok-Mok all-stars won 5-4.


    The much anticipated arrival of the Travelers island has brought several days of celebration to Mokay. Exotic foods, clothes, animals, and much more were on display and for sale during their stay. The Travelers island ran aground northeast of Bittersweet and remained in contact for 2 days before rotating away on the currents. The island is still within an easy boat ride and still accessible, however. The local government traded 10 giant alcohol motors, parts and tools so the Travelers could have some control over the course of their island from now on. We, in turn received much of the islands wealth in the form of goods. Many of these goods will be auctioned off soon. One of the most intriguing acquisitions was an unusual tree. When a Climber's head is enveloped by a large blossom, scenes of other places in the world cycle before one's eyes. Scientists are perplexed by this phenomenon.


    The priest/king of the Pokari nation and an entourage of around 200 visisted our capitol for the first time in decades. Baka brought a message of cooperation, peace, and profit for both our countries. Many locals were appalled by the forced subservience of their laborers. Pokari custom demands that servants walk on all eights and keep their heads down, among other humiliations. A few protesters were quickly whisked away so as not to upset the delegation. Baka revealed that his mighty tower is very near completion and should be done within eight-days. Such a tower, soaring over 1500 feet, has never been successfully constructed. It is expected to pierce the continual cloud cover. Many local Eye-of-God priests believe this to be an abomination.


    An unusual human boy, traveling with the Travelers, was kidnapped by a local family. The boy, Wartel, has six fingers on each hand, white eyes, and curled ears. He was rumored to have been from the "other human colony," but no one has heard of it. At the rate the Travelers move, this alleged colony must be roughly a quarter of the world away to the west. Expeditions are being planned to verify this. Our intrepid Special Ops team discovered where the kidnappers had taken Wartel and deftly negotiated his release without bloodshed. He was immediately returned to his Traveler family. The kidnappers, not immediately arrested, have disappeared, but law enforcers are hunting them.


    Four members of the Beast cult have been missing for an eight-day. Investigators have little to go on. Their names are Dalion Lima, Ferd Savang, Tiro Sun, and Melitt Mora. Any information of their whereabouts should be given to the local police.


    Scientists at the Bittersweet Labs have completed the worlds first new computer. It is a dedicated processor designed to diagram the circuits for the next stage of computer development. It's slow processor speed will take several eight-days to draw the billions of components needed on the next generation chip. That next generation chip will also be a dedicated processor needed to design the final molecular processor. Officials predict full-powered computing devices within a year.


    Mayor Darby will resign his position within an eight-day or two, as soon a new mayor is sworn in. His abrupt departure is due to the recent attempt on his life as well as other stress. A special election will take place soon to elect a new mayor. Candidates are encouraged to apply at the State House. "I didn't take this job to be shot at!" said Mayor Darby. "My daughter has all the bravado in our house, and I'm not ashamed to admit it."


    Do you like to take out assassins? Have a hankerin' for justice? Want to control and unruly crowd? Check out my new pepper bombs! Buy one get one free! Kids get a free slingshot with purchase! (Bullets extra)
    Saraya Meffelin, disturbed daughter of special ops member Dr. Kravor Meffelin is the prime suspect of a well-executed theft of irreplaceable science books from the shuttle library. The localized power outage that night was due to an explosive device she used to disable the lights. She rendered 3 workers unconscious during the black out using chloroform and escaped in a rented hand-cab. The cab was found days later, its driver dead. Special ops investigators discovered a hidden boathouse nearby with 4 monstrous humans guarding it. Melee ensued and 3 of the mutated humans were killed and one was captured. The humans turned out to be the missing members of the beast cult. Each one had grown fangs and claws among other changes. Dalion Lima, the lone survivor, explained that Saraya had drugged them all and changed their physical appearance for her own nefarious purposes. She is still at large. Any knowledge of her whereabouts should be reported immediately.


    Two people were injured by a squit armed with a razor-sharp scalpel! Monta Renza reported that a squit ran into her kitchen gripping a scalpel and slashed her ankle with it when she tried to shoo it out. Moments later, Tuarya Drefft encountered the same squit and it stabbed him in the hand. Squits, even highly trained ones, don’t have the intelligence to wield tools. Although the squit was pursued, no one has reported seeing it again.


    Members of the beast cult, accompanied by sailors and a special ops team, hired an alcohol powered ship to explore “The Gap” in an attempt to capture a giant winged creature rumored to exist there. The Gap has been unvisited for over a hundred years because of strong deflecting currents that conventional sailing ships could not overcome. With the advent of alcohol motors, scientists were sure of breaking through. Upon reaching The Gap, the current took hold, but was indeed overcome by the strength of the motors and the vessel entered. The winged creature was discovered to be, disappointingly, merely a large, tight flock of flyers seen from a distance. However, while examining a small nearby island, the crew spotted a very rare cora tunamik. Armed with sedatives and crossbows, the cult members rowed out in smallboats to attempt a capture. A huge, spiky tentacle wrapped itself around the side of one of the boats and turned it over, dumping 3 members into the water. 2 were grabbed and taken down. One of them managed to escape alive. Tranquilizers were shot and sedative dumped into the water and eventually the cora tunamik was unconscious and hauled aboard and stored in the ballast for the trip home.
    Also discovered on this trip was a large (100ft. diam.) circular rock wall protruding from the sea. The special ops team that explored it was reluctant to reveal in detail lay beyond the wall. They did say it was an archeological site. They apparently brought back a crate containing items retrieved from there, but again declined to say what they were. Speculation of the contents include: unusual rocks, ancient artwork, muckworm slime, and seafood.


    A second assassination attempt was directed at Mayor Darby. After the first attempt, security was significantly improved at his house with 7 police officers on patrol. Around 8pm, Billee Forte and Amicus Carrow approached the mansion for a meeting and were ushered in by the police. At 8:30, Mayor Darby knew something was wrong when his butler did not respond to his call. Amicus went to investigate and discovered the dead body of the sergeant-in-charge decapitated in the lobby . Upon leaving his library, with Billee and Amicus flanking him, the mayor was hit with a poisoned mini crossbow bolt shot from the balcony of his home. He was paralyzed and had to be carried outside, but his enormous bulk was too much for the two to carry beyond the stairs outside. No police responded to calls for help as they were all unconscious or dead. The Climber assassin found his way to the roof and started firing at them. Amicus and Billee ran away, leaving the mayor to his fate, or so the assassin thought. They waited until the assassin re-entered the house and then stormed in, only to surprise him right at the door. Amicus wrestled with him while Billee called for police backup on the radio from the dead officer. The slippery assassin escaped Amicus’ hold and fled up a rope dangling from an open skylight, 50 ft. above. Amicus gamely tried to climb the rope, but could not catch him. The assassin, back on the roof, was readying himself to shoot at the mayor again, but Amicus appeared and a harrowing shootout on the edge of the roof began. At one point, both combatants were dangling from the eaves by their hands. The assassin fled up a rope he had dropped from a tree branch 90 ft. above the house.
    The mayor has recovered fully and has expressed tremendous gratitude to his two saviors. “I will use this opportunity to make my public announcement that I am resigning as mayor to run for the presidency in the upcoming elections, “ he stated. “And I give my heart-felt endorsement to Bille Forte for mayor who was here seeking my advice for this election.” He has pledged 10000 glass pieces to Billee’s campaign and gave Amicus 10000 glass pieces, “Just because I like him!” he said. “Now I think a diet’s in order,” he declared as he reached for another doughnut.


    New! Visit my new shooting range! Fun for the whole family! Let the kids shoot while you wait in my fully stocked bar!


    A massive slave rebellion took place at the coal mines in Soggy Bottom. Yesterday during the morning shift change, a large explosion rocked the town. The communication tower near the docks was destroyed by saboteurs, cutting the communication link to Mokay. Immediately after, every slave in the mines apparently went berserk, along with all the Climber guards and administrators. Climbers who were shackled together in the pit suddenly threw themselves at the guards, all recklessly disregarding their lives. This occurred throughout the mines simultaneously. Climber guards assisted the escape of the prisoners, and shot human guards trying to prevent the escape. Once free of the pit, the Climbers swarmed through town, violently taking down anyone who stood in the way. They then launched themselves at a coal ship they had been loading and overwhelmed the captain and crew. This occurred despite being shot at by surviving guards and security forces in the area. Other slaves took over a military ship and launched cannon barrages at the two other ships in the small harbor. Bubadai admiral Druga, who was captured during another attempt to rescue the slaves, was commanding that ship. A fierce firefight between it and another navy vessel ensued, with both ships being damaged beyond seaworthiness. Druga and his remaining crew were rescued by those pirating the coal ship. It sailed away in the darkness unpursued. In the aftermath, a few slaves who were captured were interrogated, but no useful information was extracted. "The slaves were all violently mad and had to be heavily sedated to keep them from hurting themselves," said Chief Warden Cardor. "Any attempt to approach them starts violent reactions. Even other non-mining Bubadai slaves were brought in to speak to them, but they were of no use either." It was nearly half a day before anyone from Mokay came to investigate the occurrence because of the tower sabotage. Top scientists and officials are trying to get to the bottom of this bizarre event. Meanwhile, the mine is hiring miners. Expect the cost of electricity to increase substantially.
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