Lakeland Role Playing Guild provides two gaming events each month on the 2nd and 4th Fridays from 7:00-11:30pm. We meet at 3140 Troy Avenue in Lakeland (inside the UU Congregation of Lakeland).

Our events provide multiple scheduled gaming tables as well as room for open tables for board games or card games or pick up RPG games. Check out our event descriptions in the category Guild News, Announcements, and Schedule.

Events are free to check out, although we do encourage regular attendees to join the Guild. Beginning in Activity Year 18 (Sept 2017), dues are $40 per person to become a member. If you do not wish to become a member, after two visits as a guest, there will be a $2 door charge to play. Your dues help us pay for our rent of the space and other items as needed.

We do not provide matchmaking services for home tables. We do not advertise home tables. We are involved primarily with running our two mini-con events each month. If members wish to recruit for their own personal home tables, they are welcome to do so both at Guild events as well as in the member-only section of the forum. The Guild holds no responsibility for those tables run outside of Guild.
Welcome to the new Lakeland Role Playing Guild forums. All content has been imported from our old system and slightly reorganized. If you encounter any issues or cannot located particular content, drop me a message in the Off Topic category by including @mightyrocket or send us an email at guild @
Are you looking for a game or have an open spot at your home table? We added a Looking for Game category for Members only. Be sure to check it out. Game on!

LRPG Event -- 2/8/2019 -- Game Night with D&D5E, Genesys, Savage Worlds, Mordheim, D20 System


A couple of reminders:

1. All visitors can attend their first & second Guild Events for free to check us out.
2. After those two visits, you either can pay $5 at the door for every visit thereafter or become a full Guild Member for $40 for a one-year term.
3. If you wish to reserve a seat at a specific table, comment your preference here and we will put you on that table's list. We will make an announcement when a table is considered full, after which additional names will go on the stand-by list for that table. Please arrive at the Guild Event by 7:15pm in order to claim your spot. If you do not arrive or do not let us know that you will be running a bit late, your spot will be released at 7:30 for those on standby.

Now, on to our games:

Table 1: D20 System: Star Wars Infinties Rebellion Era (GM Scott)

It is two decades after the end of the Clone Wars and the founding of the Galactic Empire. The firm hands of stability and order hold the galaxy in peace. A vast imperial military and the Force-wielding Imperial Knights deliver the will of the Emperor to every planet within their reach. But in the shadows, amongst the scum and villainy of the fringe, can be found a nascent insurgency seeking rebellion. A small band of independent spacers with secrets and a penchant for bad decisions is caught between these terrorists, the criminal underworld that supports them and competing factions within the Empire. Their tales are told through these adventures.

Table 2: Savage Worlds -- 50 Fathoms (GM Howard)

Pirates and wizards adventuring in a drowned fantasy world. Guild Member Howard Y runs this Savage Worlds game and has room for eight players using a mix of pre-generated and player created characters.

Table 3: Genesys RPG -- Disciples of Fire (GM Jonathan)

Hell has broken loose. Literally. You and your fellow Agents of Purgatory must put a stop to the rampage.

Table 4: Mordheim minis -- Vampire Hunt (GM Stan)

The province of Ostland lies on the eastern edge of the Great of Empire of Man. To its south lurks Sylvania which is ruled by the vampiric Von Carstein clan. Your party has been hired by the Ostlandian village of Nachtdorf to help defend against the ravages of the undead creeping across the border.

Table 5: D&D5e -- The LRPG's "Regular" D&D Game (GM Alex / Tristan)

Traditional high-fantasy with a bit of pop culture flavoring presented by a tag-team of two of our most dedicated Game Masters.

Table 6: Teen Table Exclusive! D&D5e -- TBA (GM Bowen)

A new fantasy adventure series pitting stalwart heroes against insidious evil.

Open Table 1: Savage Worlds -- Flash Gordon: Captured! (GM David)

Your group of resistance fighters has been tasked by none other than Hans Zarkov to travel deep into the crust of Mongo to investigate some mysterious radio signals. You had been boring into the ground when you ran into a large cave which was inhabited by a man-eating Cave Dragon! You fought valiantly but you were captured and now you are stuck in the beast’s nest. Can your heroes escape and find the source of the mysterious transmissions before Ming’s forces do? Come to the table and find out!

Open Table 2: D&D5e -- The Lost Mines of Phendelver (GM Eric)

A new high-fantasy adventure for novice heroes facing the great mysteries of the unknown.

"So understand / Don't waste your time always searching for those wasted years / Face up ... make your stand / And realize you're living in the golden years" -- from "Wasted Years" by Iron Maiden
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