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Vampire Hunters -Mordheim Roleplaying on Steroids

It is the year 2009. Ten years have passed since the Hammer of Sigmar smashed the corrupt city of Mordheim. Ostermark lies helpless in the chaos of civil war while just to the south, across the river Stir, a great evil prepares to reveal itself. In little more than a year, the massive undead army of Vlad Von Carstein will explode upon the Empire and change the course of history.

Into the encampments surrounding Mordheim comes a hardened Kislevite scout. His name is Gustav, and he has spent the past five years in Ostermark, Stirland, Mordheim and even Sylvania acting on behalf of his native land. He comes looking for a band of wqrriors to fulfill a desperate mission.
A small town almost two hundred miles to the east of Mordheim, called Nachtdorf, has been a safe harbor for Gustav over the past years. This town is threatened by a powerful foe, and there is no law remaining in Ostermark that can aid them. A powerful vampire has crept into southern Ostermark from Sylvania.
PC's represent a diverse group of seasoned adventurers who have each responded to the "Help Wanted" ads in TOWN CRYER (Mordheimn equivalent to Shoppers News). The campaign begins as they travel to Nachtdorf with Gustav.

The game system is roleplaying based on the Mordheim miniature game. It is played on highly detailed tabletop. Combat & magic systems have been revised to give more of a roleplaying feel to the game. Mordheim stats have been expanded to allow a greater degree of roleplaying. More details and background to follow.


  • Traveling to Burgenhof the adventurers gathered at the Busted Knuckle Inn where they met Gustav, a grizzled, Kislivite scout and seasoned campaigner. He has been helping the people of Nachtdorf defend their town from the vampire menace. It was he, along with Burgermeister Kaufmann, who determined that the only defense was to go on the offense and destroy the vampire(s) and minions in their lair. With that determined, the next step was to hire a band of adventurers capable of training and leading other mercenaries in a campaign to cut off the head (Von Strangulf) which would render the threat leaderless.

    The townsfolk, largely untrained, are reluctant to face undead alone. It is hoped that with outside assistance and some training they will rise to the task.

    The journey to Nachtdof was not without incident. As they neared a small river bridge they were ambushed by a tribe of goblins led by a shaman atop a domesticated (?) troll. After a brief but bloody skirmish the goblins were killed or run off. The adventurers prevailed with minor damage. The scuffle has helped them bond as a team and gain the trust of each other.

    The have now continued on to Nachtdorf where they will met with the city fathers and assess the situation.
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