Lakeland Role Playing Guild provides two gaming events each month on the 2nd and 4th Fridays from 7:00-11:30pm. We meet at 3140 Troy Avenue in Lakeland (inside the UU Congregation of Lakeland).

Our events provide multiple scheduled gaming tables as well as room for open tables for board games or card games or pick up RPG games. Check out our event descriptions in the category Guild News, Announcements, and Schedule.

Events are free to check out, although we do encourage regular attendees to join the Guild. Beginning in Activity Year 18 (Sept 2017), dues are $40 per person to become a member. If you do not wish to become a member, after two visits as a guest, there will be a $2 door charge to play. Your dues help us pay for our rent of the space and other items as needed.

We do not provide matchmaking services for home tables. We do not advertise home tables. We are involved primarily with running our two mini-con events each month. If members wish to recruit for their own personal home tables, they are welcome to do so both at Guild events as well as in the member-only section of the forum. The Guild holds no responsibility for those tables run outside of Guild.
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Are you looking for a game or have an open spot at your home table? We added a Looking for Game category for Members only. Be sure to check it out. Game on!

LRPG Event 8/24/18: Star Wars, No Rules, Something Rotten, Pillars of Pelagia


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A few notes:

1. First and second time visitors are free to check us out.
2. After that we ask that you either become a member at $40 a year or pay $2 at the door. If you are a past member and have not renewed, it is $2 at the door.
3. If you'd like to reserve a seat at any table, just comment here with which table you'd like and we'll put you down. We will alert once a table is considered full and names will go to a waiting list for that table. We do request that you arrive by 7:15pm to claim your spot. Unless we hear otherwise, your spot will be released at 7:30 for the waiting list.

Now, on to our games:

Table 1: Star Wars Infinities Rebellion Era

It is two decades after the end of the Clone Wars and the founding of the Galactic Empire. The firm hands of stability and order hold the galaxy in peace. A vast imperial military and the Force-wielding Imperial Knights deliver the will of the Emperor to every planet within their reach. But in the shadows, amongst the scum and villainy of the fringe, can be found a nascent insurgency seeking rebellion. A small band of independent spacers with secrets and a penchant for bad decisions is caught between these terrorists, the criminal underworld that supports them and competing factions within the Empire. Their tales are told through these adventures. Guild Master Scott P runs this Star Wars D20 Revised game and has room for ten players using pre-generated characters.

Table 2: No Rules

It is the year 1974 in the Third Age of Middle Earth, and the Kingdom of Arthedain, the last remaining successor realm to the Kingdom of Arnor has fallen to the forces of Angmar led by the Witch-King, servant of the Enemy. The armies are scattered, its forces broken as the Orcs, Hillmen, Trolls, and other vile subjects of Angmar roam the land. A small band, brought together by fate, must find a way to survive in this now-hostile land. Each has their own path to follow, but what path will they chose, and what effects will this choice have on the fate of Middle Earth? This game is set in Middle Earth roughly 1,000 years before the events of The Lord of the Rings takes place. Arnor was the Northern Kingdom, the people from which Aragorn (Strider) was descended. In this game, run by Alderman Rich B. players will not receive character sheets, in fact the rule system will not even be revealed. Instead players will be given narrative descriptions of their characters and backgrounds and will role-play based off of the information provided. Players will roll for actions, but the GM will inform them of the results. There will be room for up to six players in this experimental style of gaming. Novice and experienced players are encouraged to come to the table.

Table 3: Something Rotten:

Realistic fantasy role playing, fast pace, and inches from Death. Keep your head down, find cover, and hope he passes you by. Guild Member Keith C runs this Warhammer miniatures game and has room for ten players using pre-generated characters.

Table 4: D&D 5e - The Pillars of Pelagia:

Along the windswept sea coast are several natural stone columns, sacred to the Sea Goddess Pelagia. One of these pillars is the tower of a reclusive wizard, who has recently gone missing. A band of heroes is tasked with entering one of the Pillars of Pelagia to contend with magical defenses, uncover clues, and maybe uncover an insidious evil plot that could spell doom for the surface world. Guild Member Eric L runs this D&D 5e campaign with room for 6 players using pre-generated characters.

We also have our open tables and our teen table available.
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