Lakeland Role Playing Guild provides two gaming events each month on the 2nd and 4th Fridays from 7:00-11:30pm. We meet at 3140 Troy Avenue in Lakeland (inside the UU Congregation of Lakeland).

Our events provide multiple scheduled gaming tables as well as room for open tables for board games or card games or pick up RPG games. Check out our event descriptions in the category Guild News, Announcements, and Schedule.

Events are free to check out, although we do encourage regular attendees to join the Guild. Beginning in Activity Year 18 (Sept 2017), dues are $40 per person to become a member. If you do not wish to become a member, after two visits as a guest, there will be a $2 door charge to play. Your dues help us pay for our rent of the space and other items as needed.

We do not provide matchmaking services for home tables. We do not advertise home tables. We are involved primarily with running our two mini-con events each month. If members wish to recruit for their own personal home tables, they are welcome to do so both at Guild events as well as in the member-only section of the forum. The Guild holds no responsibility for those tables run outside of Guild.
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6.22.18 - W.E.S.T., Shadows, College of Gaming, & Age of Division


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A few notes:

1. First and second time visitors are free to check us out.
2. After that we ask that you either become a member at $40 a year or pay $2 at the door. If you are a past member and have not renewed, it is $2 at the door.
3. If you'd like to reserve a seat at any table, just comment here with which table you'd like and we'll put you down. We will alert once a table is considered full and names will go to a waiting list for that table. We do request that you arrive by 7:15pm to claim your spot. Unless we hear otherwise, your spot will be released at 7:30 for the waiting list.

Now, on to our games:

Table 1: Wayward Express Shipping & Transport (W.E.S.T.):

Join Jebediah Wayward and crew as they scratch out a living hauling cargo and passengers in the fiercely independent and lawless Outland Systems. If you don't come home smelling of gunpowder and covered in a little alien ooze, well, you just ain't trying hard enough. We're talking bullets and blades, horses and starships, and where misbehaving is a way of life. Guild Alderman Phil M. runs this Savage Worlds game and has room for six players using pre-generated characters.

Table 2: Shadows Over Lakeland In-House Campaign:

It is 1992, following the end of the First Gulf War and a group of friends has rallied around the returning soldier. Guild Alderman Rich B runs this Classic World of Darkness game and has room for six players using pre-generated characters.

Table 3: College of Gaming Round Table Discussion:

Gaming is a dynamic and adaptable creative outlet. The number of different packaged settings and environs available to us for campaign play borders on legion. And countless are those that can be found within our own imaginations. But how often do we venture beyond the standard tropes? Do you find it peculiar that despite our love of originality and possibility that we tend to stay within the defined boundaries of the tried and true? We can and should make efforts to break from those subconsciously-established limits. Join Guild Master Scott P in this roundtable discussion which will build on all of the earlier material discussed at former College of Gaming tables and provide the guidelines and inspiration necessary to reach beyond the mundane constraints of traditional high fantasy and space opera science fiction.

Table 4: Age of Division - A Divided Era:

The year is 2017 and America has been divided into two: one side Hydra the other side the Hero Association. Guild Member Joshua B runs this D100 superhero game and has room for six players using a mix of pre-generated and player created characters.

As always, we also have our open tables available!
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