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The Fall of Arnor

[center]The Fall of Arnor[/center]

This is a campaign set to be run by Rich Berg. Set in JRR Tolkein’s Middle Earth (Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit) The Fall of Arnor is set roughly 1,000 years before the War of the Ring and Frodo’s quest.

It is the year 1974 of the Third Age, the last remnant of the Kingdom of Arnor flees from the forces of the Lord of the Nazgul, the Witch-King of Angmar. Fornost, the fortress capital of Arnor has fallen. The Dunedain prince Aranarth commands a fighting retreat against the Witch-King’s army of Orcs, Trolls, and Hillmen to protect the withdrawal of his father King Arvedui who is attempting to go to Gray Havens and from there to Gondor.

The players are a small group of remnants of the armies, cut off from the main fighting, with only themselves in a land fallen to the chaos of war. While the main forces of the Witch-King and Prince Aranarth fight to the west, the players are to the east of Fornost. The sky above is fouled with dark magic, thick, dark clouds block out the sun, giving Orcs the ability to move about freely even after the sun has risen. An eerie green glow can be seen in the sky. Flashes of lightning, light green instead of the pure white of natural lightning, bring brilliant light to the gloom as thunder rolls across the hills of the North Downs.

A choice now faces the party….where will they go and what will they do? Each character has unique motivations and desires, but the group must come together and agree upon an initial path to take. It could be that the fate of Middle-Earth depends on their decision.

Following posts will go introduce the characters and go into more detail about the section to help prepare players prior to the game being played. None of this is required, but it will help give more depth and understanding to the game while it is played. If you have a character that you wish to play you may reserve the character in this forum.

If anyone has an interest in running their own game as a shared campaign (or even a separate game, but interested in using Middle Earth as a setting) please contact me. I am happy to share the gaming resources I have.

Rich Berg (Greylorn on the forums)
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  • Background on the Setting

    Middle Earth is JRR Tolkien’s setting for The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings. This campaign is set in the year 1974 of the Third Age, roughly 1,000 years before the events in Lord of the Rings. Following are notes on the relevant history leading up to this time, and events immediately prior to the opening of the campaign.

    The main setting of the game is in the remnants of the Kingdom of Arnor, the North Kingdom and the ancestral home of Aragorn (Strider) from the Lord of the Rings Trilogy. Elendil founded the Kingdom of Arnor in the year 3320 of the Second Age, the year after the island of Numenor was destroyed. At the same time that his sons, Isildur and Anarion founded the Kindgom of Gondor. These individuals, and those who came with them were Numenorean, men from the island of Numenor who were descendants the Father’s of Men who had stood with the Elves against Morgoth (who was the sovereign of Sauron) and originally led by Elros Half-Elven, the brother of Elrond. Elros chose mortality and to live among Men, while Elrond chose to live as an Elf and remain Immortal. The Edain, and their descendants, received blessings from the Valar (the God’s of Middle Earth) which included longer life and greater strength then other Men. Following the destruction of Numenor, this people became known as the Dunedain.

    The Dunedain of Arnor and Gondor joined with the Elves to form the Last Alliance in the battle against Sauron, which ended the Second Age (in the year 3441 of the Second Age) and marked the zenith of the power of the Kingdom of Arnor. After the disaster at the battle of Gladden Fields at the beginning of the Third Age, when Isildur and three of his sons fell to an army of Orcs, the realm of Arnor began a slow decline in both power and population even though the years were relatively peaceful ones.

    Some eight hundred years following the death of Isildur, in the year 861 of the Third Age, the tenth king of Arnor, Earendur died and the realm was divided among his three sons. Amlaith, the eldest son, laid claim to the whole kingdom, but effectively ruled over the region of Arthedain. The other two sons founded the kingdoms of Cardolan and Rhudaur. The former capital of Arnor, Anumminas, became depopulated and slowly fell to ruin (in the year 1409 of the Third Age it would be overrun by forces of Angmar, burned, and looted). The new capital or Arthedain was relocated to Fornost Erain in the North Downs.

    The Kingdom of Rhudaur was swayed by the power of the dark land of Angmar and warred against both Cardolan and Arthedain over the tower of Amon Sul (Weathertop) and the possession of its palantir (the ‘Seeing Stone’). At its end, the last kings of Rhudaur were not Dunedain, but were servants of Angmar and the land of Rhudaur became a vassal state to Angmar which constantly battled against Arthedain.

    The kingdom of Cardolan became strongly allied with Arthedain and fought against Rhudaur and the forces of Angmar. It was heavily beset by Angmar, and the great barrows in Cardolan, graves of the many lost in the plagues that swept the land, became havens to the restless dead. In the year 1409 the kingdom of Cardolan fell to an invasion of Angmar leaving Arthadain as the last remnant of the kingdom of Arnor.

    For nearly six centuries Arthadain (which now called itself Arnor once again) stood alone against Angmar. Gondor was unable to send aid because of its own battles against the Wainriders. King Arvedui (whose name means ‘last king’) takes the crown of Arnor in 1964, and is prophesied by the Seers to the be last King of Arnor until the two Kingdoms are reuinited (which will happen with Aragorn takes the crown following the defeat of Sauron). In the year 1974 Angmar destroyed Arnor when the forces of the Witch-King took hold of the city of Fornost.

    It is in the days following the fall of Fornost that our campaign begins. Scattered remnants of the last defenders of Fornost flee to what safety they can find as the armies of Angmar spread throughout the North Down’s and ravage the land and its. You can see the section on the characters to get an overview of the options for play.
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    Characters for the campaign

    I will begin adding information on the pre-generated characters for the campaign. If you wish to play in the campaign and reserve a character please respond to this forum and let me know. If you are unable to make it during a game night the character will be available to anyone who wishes to sit at the table, but when you return you will have preference for the character unless you give it up.

    Hallacar son of Ulbar, Dunedain noble and Captain of the Company of the Hummerhorn

    A tall, imposing man Hallacar would have been happier to have lived in more peaceful times as his heart is one of a lore-master rather than that of a warrior, but the armies of Angmar, led by the dreaded Witch-King, ever push at the remaining lands of Arnor and all that are able to wield spear, sword, and bow do so in defense of their lands. While you would prefer to serve as a Warden of Annuminas, the ancient capital of Arnor, you instead have served as a Knight of House Belegurdir. Recently you were made Captain of the company of Hobbits arrived from the Shire, called the Company of the Hummerhorn. The assignment was something of a jest, since you spoke in support of the Hobbits on their arrival, but there is honor to be found in the position, and you have taken a liking to the Hobbits and their honest (if rustic) ways. In addition to his knowledge of lore of the Dunedain and their history, he has also studied the ways of war and is skilled fighting from a mount or on his feet and the use of lance and sword. Wearing a chain hauberk, and wielding only your sword, you’ve little else that you carry with you.

    Hallacar is one of the primary characters of the campaign. A powerful warrior, and leader of the group, his position as a Captain and Knight will give him some clout in dealing with NPC's, especially the humans of the region. Much of his knowledge and influence, however, is limited to the region of the North Downs (the area of the Kingdom of Arnor).

    The Company of the Hummerhorn is a key background component linking several of the characters together in the campaign. Hallacar, as Captain of the Company has the strongest connection to all the characters of the party. The Company was formed around a group of roughly one hundred hobbits that journeyed from the Shire in answer to the King of Arnor's call for aid. In addition to the hobbits there was a small contingent of Dunedain and Edain (humans) that served as infantry with the Hobbit archers. The company was about a year old when the final siege of Fornost was laid and the retreat of the army of Arnor was made. All but those that remain in the part are lost. Some where scattered during the retreat, but many of the company fell in battle. How Hallacar will feel about this is up to you as the player, but this should be a significant influence on the character.
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  • Varyamo, Elf of Rivendell

    Born in Rivendell soon after its founding, you have lived some 3,500 years in Middle Earth within the Last Homely House of Elrond. Much has changed, some for the good, but not all. Most troubling is the recent activity of the Enemy, and his fearsome servants, the Nazgul, spreading throughout Middle Earth. Many Elves fled to the West following the end of the Last Alliance of Men and Elves, and the victory over Sauron nearly 2,000 years ago. Now, a victory over Sauron would seem unlikely as it would rely more so on the strength of Men to win the day. It is for that reason that the situation in Arnor is so troubling. Angmar presses hard against the final remnant of the kingdom of men in the North, while Gondor, the southern kingdom fairs better, it too is hard pressed. Master Elrond sent a contingent of Elves, what he could spare, to Fornost to aid and advise the King of Arnor as best able. For your part, you were drawn to the impassioned words of Hallacar when he spoke on behalf of the company of Hobbits, whom most dismissed on sight. Curious about the Hobbit folk, you offered to aid Hallacar as the Company of the Hummerhorn was formed. Even your companions from Rivendell were dismissive, but you have grown fond of the Hobbit folk, and impressed with Hallacar who seems much more a Dunedain of old than of the present time. Now, you stand with what little remains of the Company with the defeat of Arnor. The mission to save the Kingdom of the North has failed, and you have no idea what happened to the other Elves of Rivendell. Most troubling to you, with the fall of Arnor, is the treasures that may now be claimed by the Witch-King. There is one in particular that could be used against the Free Peoples of Middle Earth with devastating effect if found. You find yourself alone with only a small, desperate company, and a dire choice before you. To flee to the safety of Rivendell along a perilous path, or to face even greater danger to secure the artifact left behind in Annuminas and protect it from the foul power of the Witch-King.

    Varyamo is not a warrior, but uses subtle magics to aid and support the party. He has a lot of knowledge and lore to impart to the party (particularly about some of the darker powers of Angmar), and also has key knowledge of a critical quest that the group should fulfill. Having lived through the Last Alliance, Varyamo is well aware of the danger Sauron represents and the great power that the Enemy is capable of wielding. The Elf is also aware of the power and the Nazgul, and the more immediate threat that the Witch-King poses to the lands. This character can be a challenging one to play, while powerful, the power is more subtle and less 'flash and boom' type of power. More along the lines of an Elrond than a Gil-Galad or Glorfindle.
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  • Faronwen of House Nurakal, Dunedain Ranger

    Faronwen is a slender Dunedain whose weathered features speak of her time spent outdoors and in the wilds. As one of the Rangers of Arnor she has travelled far afield bearing messages to distant lands and scouting the region. For the past year she has primarily served as a scout of the Company of the Hummerhorn and aide to Hallacar and his company of Hobbits. More recently she has worked with the small group of Beornlings that have arrived in Fornost in answer to the request for aid from King Arvedui in what he calls the Twilight of Arnor. She has gotten to know Hrimvera quite well, the two women striking up a friendship. Her familiarity with the Beornlings comes from time spend in the Misty Mountains nearly a decade ago. Faronwen is armed with a longbow, which she uses with deadly skill, and has two long-daggers (short swords) that she can use in either hand. Much of your provisions were lost in your desperate scramble to avoid the forces of Angmar, but your training as a Ranger has prepared you well to live off of the land if you must.

    The Ranger Faronwen served, for a time, as a scout and guide for the Company of the Hummerhorn, and has known Hallacar for some time, having served with him in the past. Just before the retreat, she had been working with a small band of Beornlings that had traveled from the Misty Mountains in answer to Arnor's call for aid. Years ago she had traveled with a company of Rangers to the Misty Mountains, and there spend time and learned something of the ways of the Beronlings, making her a natural fit as a sort of liaison between the army of Arnor and the Beronling contingent.

    While Faronwen is skilled in combat, using a bow and pair of short swords, her primarily skills lie in guiding the party and survival in the outdoors (avoiding ambushes, finding secure shelter, knowledge of foraging and weather, etc.). Faronwen also carries he own secret that will become more important if the campaign continues beyond the initial quest (depending on the interest of the players and the guild).
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    Drogo Whitfoot, Hobbit Lieutenant of the Company of the Hummerhorn

    Drogo Whitfoot is one of the hundred or so Hobbits that arrived roughly a year ago and became the Company of the Hummerhorn under Captain Hallacar. As with most Hobbits, Drogo is not a soldier, but his common sense and past experience as a Bounder for the Shire made him one of the initial leaders of the Hobbits, and Hallacar made him a Lieutenant of the Company along with Ned Diggens. Drogo is one of the better archers of the Hobbits, which is saying something as the natural dexterity and coordination of the Hobbits allow them to excel at archery. As with most Hobbits, Drogo is also quite skilled at remaining hidden and moving silently, not quite so much as Elves, but close enough that most humans (and Orcs) have a hard time finding him if he doesn’t wish to be found. None of the Hobbits who travelled the long road to Fornost knew what to expect when the answered the Kings call for aid, but they came none-the-less as they owed the King for the gift of the Shire given to them so long ago. Now Drogo is the only one remaining with Hallacar. There was a small group that were separated in the fighting, and he hopes that they survived and are heading back to the Shire, but what their fate truly is he does not know. More than ever Drogo is alone in a big world and home is a long ways off. Drogo wears no armor and carries with him a bow and what few arrows remain in his quiver. He also has a sturdy cudgel (from his days as a Bounder) on his belt and little else.

    What would a story of Middle Earth be without a Hobbit in it to keep everyone grounded? Drogo served under Hallacar as a Lieutenant. As one of the original leaders of the group of Hobbits, he was well respected by the Hobbits and quickly earned the respect of Hallacar and even Awarnach (although the Edain rarely showed it). Drogo has lost all who came with him. Some he saw fall in battle, others lived the last he saw, but he does not know if they are still alive or not. The chaos of the final retreat and the brutality of the fighting is not something he would be prepared for, but he is a Hobbit, a race that is surprisingly resilient even in such dark times. That need not change the sense of loss he feels, but it should also be kept in mind as the character is played.
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  • Dwaur son of Doigan, Dwarf of Othrikar

    Dwaur is one of the few Dwarves who remained on Othrikar, a small silver mining outpost in the Northen Downs. Some years ago most of the Dwarves who had lived and worked there made the long journey to Khazad Dum (also known as Moria) along with many of their kind throughout the lands. Dwaur remained behind with a small number of his kin (less than a dozen) as the final guardians of Othrikar. Having lived for his life in the region Dwaur is quite familiar with the area surrounding Othrikar and its peoples. Now, Dwaur is the last of the dwarves of Othrikar, the others having fallen in the final defense of what remained of the settlement. Dwaur also would have been lost, along with Faronwen and Hrimvera, had not the remnants of the Company of the Hummerhorn found them in the final hours of the battle. With Othrikar lost, there is nothing to keep Dwaur from making his way to Khazad Dum other than his debt to Hallacar. Dwaur wears fine mail armor, a shield, and traditional dwarven axes (one for throwing and one for hand-to-hand combat), all of excellent craftsmanship. You are well prepared for your travel, expecting to leave with the other Dwarves, but your road now is uncertain.

    Dwaur is solid and steady, as are his kinfolk, but he has lost nearly everything with the fall of Othrikar. Most Dwarves have traveled to Khazad-Dum, known to most as the Mines of Moria, and Dwaur would go there now save for the debt he owed to Hallacar for saving his life.
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  • Hrimvera, Beornling warrior

    Your people live in the foothills of the Misty Mountains, far to the east of Arnor, but the Beornlings have for many years been strong allies against the Enemy. When messengers arrived from the King of Arnor requesting aid in their struggle it was decided to send a force to show solidarity with the northern kingdom of the Dunedain, despite the rise in activities of the Goblins of the Misty Mountains. A force of fifty of you set out nearly eight months ago from the Misty Mountains, and have lent what strength you have to the King. When the desperate plan of a fighting retreat to the Havens was decided your band fought alongside the Prince’s forces to hold back the wave of Angmar’s warriors. In the chaos of the battle you and the Dunedain Ranger Faronwen found yourself behind the enemy forces and fled further to the east, hoping to find others also trapped behind the lines. Harried for several days you found yourselves in Othrikar with a small band of Dwarves who themselves were making ready to head further east. Faronwen seemed eager to make her way to Rivendell, and you were only too happy to return home. Before you could leave a force of Angmar surrounded Othrikar. All would have been lost had it not been for the arrival of a band of fellow survivors who attacked the besiegers. The cost, however was high, there is but a small band of you remaining, and your course is once again undecided. Armed with your spear and a long knife, you know all too well that your skill in battle will be tested again before you find your way back to the Misty Mountains and your people.

    The Beornlings are one of the smaller of the clans of humanity, and some are rumored to have the ability to shape-change into bears. Hrimvera came with her clan in part to answer the call of aid from Arnor, but also as an adventure for herself. She is fierce and independent, but she is also loyal and hates the allies of Sauron. The Beornlings live in the land. They do not have any great cities, but generally have small farmsteads with extended families.
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  • I'll play Varyamo if no one else has claimed him.
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