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What's behind your screen?

I recently got a customizable GM screen. I've used preprinted ones before (namely my FFG Force and Destiny screen) and I thought it was a bit overboard on what was on the screen. There was some good info, but most of it was just too much and I couldn't see any of it.

So, as I prepare to put together this screen (for use in two different campaigns, so I'll switch stuff out, obviously), my brain immediately wondered what other GMs use.

If you use a screen (and I recognize many don't), what's on your side? Are you using the screen just to keep your notes covered or do you have anything on the screen itself? If so, what info do you put on your screen? Is it generic or do you use specific things for the specific game?

Help a gal out!


  • I have a customizable screen that I use mainly for Savage Worlds, GURPS, and (sometimes) D&D 5e. What I find the most helpful to put on the insde of these screens are general tables and bits of info that make my game run smoother.

    Just about every game system has a generic table of actions. A simple task is a DC 10 / one Difficulty Die / TN 4, while a moderate task has higher or more difficult targets. I think having this on the screen is a good idea. It's not that those tables aren't difficult to remember; they're not. Why I like to have it on there is because it serves as a reminder that PCs will try things that aren't outlined in the books. My job as a GM is to adjudicate that action.

    I also think NPC charts are good to have. When I first got the 5e DM screen, a fifth of it was NPC information - characteristics, attitudes, even a very basic name generator. But after thinking about my group (and this may not apply to yours), they like talking to lots of people. I plan certain NPCs, but not all of them. I found this a good tool for me to breathe life into just about everyone they meet.

    I also think small tables of rules that don't come up often, but are important when they do, should be on there. I know that sounds vague, and it is, and it varies widely by game system. Rules for grappling, object hardness or difficulty (how many hit points or how hard is the door to break down?), skills and their governing abilities, falling rules, maybe a combat flowchart. You can't plan for everything (unfortunately!) and the nice things about these screens is that if you find out after a session that you really need Chart X or Table Y, it's easy enough to put it.
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  • That helps a lot. And I hear what you mean about the rules that don't come up often. Thanks!
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