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No extra space?

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So, we have been talking about getting extra space, specifically the Sanctuary , for quite some time now, and we even started having people sign in on a sign in sheet so that we could show our land lords that we needed more space.

Now, you can understand my confusion when I heard someone say that you guys had the opportunity to get the sanctuary, but turned it down?
Do tell me this is misinformation, and that someone heard wrong, or that there is more to this than what was told.

Because we DO need that extra space. Sure, we can fit 5 tables in a single room, but that does not mean we SHOULD, nor does it mean its practical.

The more people in a single room, the louder it is, and the more people have to strain trying to hear their table mates.
I am not the only one who dislikes this sort of atmosphere, I am sure there are others.
We are not going to be able to keep people interested in our Guild, if they can't even hear the game masters over the noise.


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    Nope, we did not turn it down, we're trying to make a smart business decision. The church facilities manager (who we deal with) knows that we want it and knows that we are trying to make sure we can do it financially. The sanctuary costs nearly double what we're paying now. We want to make sure that we can sustain that cost. It was only recently that we were able to go back to paying full rental prices for the space we're in now (for a few years we were paying a reduced rate and doing a service project each year...which meant a handful of us were doing a lot of back breaking work to help everyone). We have been steadily growing in membership, and that's great! And we want to make sure that we are going to stay there to afford to make the jump.

    This is why we're tracking attendance. We need real numbers to sit down with and make sure that we can afford to rent the sanctuary without raising dues (which we haven't done in the five years I've been a member). It's also why lately, thanks to not having to carve out space for the board gamers, we have been only setting up 3 tables with the other two as optional (granted, I've been gone for January, so I don't know if those were set up or not).

    Moving to the sanctuary is the goal, and soon. And the Guild Aldermen are looking at all the aspects of that to make sure that when we move it is a good move for us and not something that will fail or will cause us to raise dues.

    A lot of what has to happen, too, is consideration at all the tables by the players. It is a recognition that while we all get excited doing what we love to do, we are in a room with other people. So it means everyone policing themselves on volume if they can. Which we have instructed the GMs to work to help us in that.

    I hope that helps understand what's happening. Trust me, no one is more anxious to move than me, but at the same time the Aldermen and our Guild Master need to make wise decisions with the money that our members trust us with. Feel free to let me know if you have any other questions and if I can't answer them, I can get @GMScott to answer. :)
  • Alright, I figured it was money related, just wanted more confirmation.
    Thank you Tracy. :-)

  • No problem! We're hoping to do the move soon, but one of the issues is that once we move, we will likely lose our spot in the social hall, which will make it difficult to come back should money not stay steady. Which is why we're tracking attendance and membership right now, making sure we're working off of real data and not just guessing.

    Feel free to reach out to any of the Aldermen with any questions. We have purple stars on our name tags at Guild.
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