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SOL 2015

The year is 1992 and the first Gulf War has ended. One of the veterans of the war is returning home to Lakeland, 4 years after graduating high school. His return has prompted a reunion of sorts with a group of friends from his high school days. In the 4 years since graduating high school together, they have all gone their separate paths. The old friendship may have faded, but have never been totally forgotten. Now is a time to remember the old ties and renew the bonds once again. Friendship bonds that will be tested once again, for it is a time when twilight falls upon the land as the Shadows Over Lakeland take hold of the city.
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  • There are six character spots open for the game. I will have pre-gens available for the game for each of the descriptions given below. The pre-gens can be altered, although there are some skills that will need to remain as they will be important in some portions of the campaign. Please review the posting so that you can lay claim to the pre-gen that you would like when the game starts at the next Guild meeting.

    Matthew Welker (the Soldier): Recently discharged at the end of his enlistment, Matthew is returning to Lakeland weary from what he saw during the war. The highway of death has aged him beyond his 23 years of age and he has to fight against the cynicism that his experiences have given him. Having just arrived in Lakeland he has some money from his deployment, but is in need of a job.

    Alex Hoskins (the Geek): Alex was the student of the group and after graduation went on to college. Having just started graduate school, Alex is studying Archeology/Anthropology/History (players choice).

    Chris Sheldon (the Paramedic): Chris tried college, and it never really took. Following that Chris completed the necessary education to become a Paramedic and now works for the cities emergency response.

    Francis Williams (the Biker): Francis was always the rough and tumble type in the group, preferring to make a point with a jab rather than a witty remark. Following high school Francis ended up with a local biker gang.

    Sam Hoffman (the Rich Kid): Sam was the one with the money, the connections through the family. Sam recently graduated from college with a degree in Business and has taken on a position with the real estate development company owned in part by Sam's Father.

    Kelly Hudson (the Cop): Kelly had always wanted to be in law enforcement, and was able to join the force soon after graduating high school (and completing an Associates Degree).
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  • DragoDrago Deep in the forest or near St. Augustine, FL
    Sounds great, Rich! I wish I was there to play with you guys.

    I missed you at Hurricon. I hope we get to see each other in the near future. Until then...Game On!

    DUANE :twisted:
    O.k. Rogue, you go into the scary cave first. We will all be right behind you. I'M NOT GOING IN THERE. WHY DON'T YOU GO FIRST "FIGHTER"! Well someone has go in first. Hey, Wizard we have a job for you...AND THIS IS HOW THE PARTY LOSES THE WIZARD.
  • I missed you at Hurricon. I hope we get to see each other in the near future. Until then...Game On!

    DUANE :twisted:
    I was hoping to catch you there, but schedule went completely wonky with Eula having some health issues to deal with that weekend and me coming back from a trip out of state earlier in the week. One of these days I am sure we'll get the chance to roll some dice together. Take care!

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  • Dibs on Alex!
  • I'd like to play Francis.
  • WFLA news report, Jan 3rd, 1992:

    *Opens with several figures standing in front of the Florida Tile plant in Lakeland. Three men and a woman are standing in front of a podium, with employees gathered in a crowd before them and a group of half a dozen people behind. Mayor Frank O’Reilly is recognizable as one of the group in the forefront takes the podium and begins speaking.*

    “As we embark as a city into 1992, one of our key employers in Lakeland is on a new venture of its own, transforming itself into a business able to meet the changing needs of the marketplace. The city is happy to be a part of, and support, this transformation. Specific detail will be provided by Mr. Gerald Farthing, Vice-President of Premark International.”

    *Scattered applause from the crowd as another one of the men exchanges places with the Mayor. This man is older, with greying hair and dressed in an expensive looking double-breasted suit. Smiling at the crowd and camera’s with a well-practiced smile he begins to speak into the microphone*

    “Thank you Mayor O’Reilly. Penmark International is excited to invest in this community and in Florida Tile. This transformation will allow Florida Tile to develop a new brand line of ceramic tiles that will provide a niche market in the construction industry and put us in a position to be competitive and provide a product that has limited manufacturing within the United States. Partnering with Pyramid Enterprises *he motions towards the woman who smiles and nods to the crowd* and their unique expertise in renovated buildings, along with their background in ceramic tile production, we have every confidence that this new venture will provide profitability and stability to Florida Tile. We want to take this time to express our appreciation to the efforts of the City of Lakeland and Hoffman Development for making this project possible. I’ll let Ms. Jacobson provide more details on the renovation process.”

    *As Mr. Farthing steps back from the microphone the woman steps up to take his place. She appears to be quite tall, nearly matching Mr. Farthing in height, and is conservatively dress with attractive features apparently in her mid to late 30’s. Looking over the crowd she speaks confidently to the gathering*

    “Thank you Mr. Farthing, and thanks to Florida Tile, Penmark Internation, and to the city of Lakeland for making this possible. Pyramid Enterprises is well suited to the task of renovating the Florida Tile facility to meet the demands of this new venture, and we are uniquely suited to provide insight into the production requirements for ceramic tiles with our own in-house specialist in ceramic tile manufacturing for construction Theron Rafeal.” *at this point she looks back to one of the men standing in the crowd behind her, a short, broad shouldered bald man who has the dusky skin and dark looks of a person from the middle east*

    “Mr. Rafael will oversee the renovations in the plant and provide instruction to the manufacturing and quality divisions that will allow for a successful entry into the market. Mr. Rafael has extensive experience in renovating construction efforts, and has previous experience with the manufacturing of ceramic tiles which will be of great use throughout this project.”
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  • Alex will attempt to explode Mr. Farthings head with his mind....Rolling.....18 successes! Alex ducks behind the person standing in front of him to avoid flying brain pieces.
  • LOL...Alex...that cheeky little scamp. Always doing those sorts of things.
    It's "Role Play" not "Roll Play" big diff...oooh! I got a natural 20!
  • A news story (see previous post) about the revamping of Florida Tile to develop ceramic tiles began the session of play. This introduced several figures to the campaign, and also reveled that Sam Hoffman's fathers company was one of the key players in the factor renovation. Sam is, in fact, the liaison between his fathers company, Florida Tile, and Pyramid Enterprises, the company responsible for the renovation and helping Florida Tile develop its production process. An interesting side note is that the local lead for Pyramid Enterprises, Theron Rafeal, has also been involved in several archaeological digs in the Middle East and the Mediterranean area, of interest to Alex.

    Friday January 10, 1992The reunion of old friends went well, with everyone getting a chance to be catch up after the five year separation since graduation from high school. At the end of the evening Francis was approached by some members of a rival gang out of Tampa (the 'Fangs') and accosted. The situation could have gotten out of hand, but Kelly stepped in and got things under control pretty quickly. A rough end to an otherwise enjoyable evening.

    Monday January 13, 1992The following Monday Sam took Matthew and Alex to meet Theron at the Hoffman Development (his fathers compnay) offices. The meeting went well, Matthew was offered a job (Theron felt a bit of kinship because of Matthew's military background), and Alex was able to learn a bit more about the arm of Pyramid Enterprises that is involved in archaeological digs, including the fact that the company is involved in four different digs currently (one in Greece, two in Egypt, and another in Iran). Matthew is to start his job the following Monday.

    Thursday, January 16, 1992Francis is enjoying herself at a party in Lakeland. As she is leaving, driving on her bike, one of the party participants, known as 'Jazz', goes running by her incredibly (even inhumanly) fast. At the party he had been doing a new drug, being introduced to the area by the Fangs gang members, called Euphoria. Amazing, he was able to outrun her even on her bike and she lost track of him on some side-streets. Later, while she is riding on Edgewood, she sees him at the scene of an accident. Chris arrives on the scene to begin treatment of Jazz, while Kelly is working crowd control at the accident. Francis lets Chris know some of what she saw (that Jazz had been taking drugs) and tries to dodge of the scene without getting involved with the police. Kelly, however, had caught site of her and they have a brief (and somewhat heated) conversation before Francis takes off. Jazz initially had survived the accident, despite a massive amount of damage having been done to the car and extensive injuries, but later succumbed to his wounds at the hospital after having been initially stabilized. According to the doctors reports, it is as if injuries which had been stabilized got worse after about 12 hours.

    Friday, January 17, 1992 The friends gather again on Friday attempting to stay in touch, and recount what happened during the week, including the fact that Jazz's blood test did test positive for marijuana and methamphetamine, but there were some weird results that the hospital could not identify. Sam mentioned he had an "uncle" Art, who worked as a hematologist in Tampa that might be able to help. After talking with Art, the doctor agreed to take a look into it.

    Monday, January 20, 1992 Matthew had begun his job with Pyramid Enterprises. Since the project is in its early stages, his initial responsibilities were to monitor the shipments for equipment and supplies necessary to start the project up and make sure that everything arrived on schedule to begin the renovations. Most of the shipments are domestic, but there are six containers that are scheduled to arrive from various origin points in the middle east. These are all noted in local languages, and Matthew couldn't make heads or tales of what the containers held.

    Tuesday, January 21, 1992 Art called indicated he had results of the blood tests and requested that he meet with Sam and his friends to review the results. The drug concoction looked to be a mix that was an ancient drug formula used from the Middle East that had been called the "Joyful Death". It was used mainly by Dervishes to help induce their religious frenzy. Art strongly suggested that the group let this matter rest and not get any further involved. After Art left Matthew let it be known about the shipping invoices that were scheduled in from the Middle East.

    And there ended the first session.

    I encourage players to write out their characters perspective of what is happening and their thoughts on the goings on. It may help when we get to later sessions to have a journal for the character to keep all of what is going on straight, and especially to put down the subjective feelings of the characters over the objective 'facts' of what is happening in the campaign. This can help not only you, but if you can't show up and someone else is picking up the character it can be a big help to them to step in a bit easier.

    It's "Role Play" not "Roll Play" big diff...oooh! I got a natural 20!
  • <<Alex>>
    This "accident" is beyond the bounds of credibility. I'm now leaning toward the theory that Jazz was murdered and the whole thing was staged to make it look "supernatural." We have only one eye witness and she could have been in on it or persuaded to lie. The blood tests could also be easily falsified by anyone with deep pockets. And topping it all is the mysterious disappearance of the body and loss of all the medical records. I think Francis was high when she spotted Jazz and was not a credible witness. Someone obviously murdered Jazz and has taken great pains to obfuscate the facts and cover up everything. I also would like to read the shipping labels on those crates. There may be a connection there.
  • New Brief; Sunday, January 26th, 1992

    In International news Slovenia and Croatia have announced their independence from the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, sparking international debate on the legitimacy of the new states. Several nations have recognized their new status, while many nations are remaining neutral in the brewing conflict of the region. Tensions remain high in the region and the destabilization of the region is expected to worsen as the new states assert their rights.

    United Technologies has announced that it will eliminate nearly 13,000 jobs from its worldwide workforce with the reduction in workforce expected to be completed by year end.

    In local news; the investigation of the burning death of Nancy R. Flanigan from three months ago has been ruled as a suicide. Initially thought to be a murder, investigators have said they found sufficient evidence to reclassify the death as suicidal.

    Also, Tarpon Springs lawyer James Timonere was sentenced to 45 years in prison for drug smuggling operations that led to bringing in two tons of illegal substances from various South American countries through the Port of Tampa. Anonymous tips led to the investigation which has been ongoing for nearly six month. His primary accomplice, John Barry was also sentenced for his part in overseeing the shipping arrangements. Authorities say that this arrest will have a ‘major impact’ on supplies for drugs in the area.

    In other local news, a private donor has loaned the University of Southern Florida in Tampa a display of unique and rare religious historical artifacts from the areas of Persia, Egypt, and the Ottoman Empire. The display will run for six months and an exclusive pre-public display will be established with the proceeds of ticket sales for the pre-public display going to the University of Southern Florida.

    It's "Role Play" not "Roll Play" big diff...oooh! I got a natural 20!
  • <<Sam>>
    This is the most fun I've had in ages. I'm not quite sure if Francis's story about what happened to Jazz is even possible, but I can't help but get excited about the possibilities. This could be something huge!

    I did go to the scene of the accident looking for anything at all that the car could've hit to explain the damage, and I didn't find a thing. Uncle Arthur sure seemed to want us to keep away from whatever is going on, and that's a good enough reason for me to keep looking into it.

    Plus, he said it was a Middle Eastern drug, and our company just started receiving shipments from over there. That can't be a coincidence, can it? I'm in a position at the company to learn more... How could I resist?
  • Episode II

    Sam was able to obtain copies of the Bills of Lading for the shipping containers and the invoice from World Class Shippers for services including the customs declarations and paperwork to get the containers into the country. A couple of discrepancies were found. The weight on some of the containers (those shipping the gresso glaze for the ceramic tile manufacturing process) did not match the declared weight of the container. The other issue was that the shipper (World Class Shipping) invoiced for 8 containers, while only six Bill of Ladings were presented, raising the question of what the the other two containers were and where they went to.

    On Tuesday, January 28th, Theron asked Matthew to make sure that all the necessary components for the initial conveyor-kiln were on site. While Matthew was preparing to review the pack list against the inventory physically in the container. While he was in the back of the parking lot, where various shipping containers were stacked, Matthew heard a couple of other people talking softly in the yard. Using the darkness to help hide him he observed two young men having a heated discussion as they searched for some specific container, referring to some paperwork the held. Unable to find the container in the parking lot the two left through an opening in the fence surrounding the parking lot at took off on bikes. Matthew did notice that one of the men had a tattoo similar to the man that had harassed Francis at the reunion party.

    Wednesday, January 29th evening was the night of the pre-exhibit fund raising part at the university. Alex's professor had been given several tickets to had out to students, of which Alex was one of the fortunate ones to get a ticket. Sam purchased a ticket to get into the event, while Francis and Chris dressed up for the night hoping to catch someone entering the party and sneak in with them. The event was gathering of social higher ups (with the cost of each ticket running around $5,000). Alex noticed a special exhibit on Dervish practices from the 8th through 12th century, than included a subset of the Dervish who used special drugs with reputed mystic properties. While there he met a man by the name of Jeffery Hallifax who was employed by the person whose collection was going on display. Miss Amanda Jacobson, the executive from Pyramid Enterprises who was making the speech at the initiation of the Florida Tile project was also in attendance, and she and Jeffery bantered regarding the appropriateness of Jeffery's employer possessing artifacts that were obtained from digs that were supposedly sponsored by universities and museums. Meanwhile, Francis and Chris had managed to get into the party on the arms of one Greg Wheeler, a rather immature (but obviously very wealthy) young man whom Sam was familiar with. Sam does have an opportunity to speak with Amanda regarding the discrepancies in the shipping documents. She assures him that the missing two containers have nothing to do with the Florida Tile projects, but rather are for other, independent projects that Pyramid Enterprises is involved in. Amanda also states that she will look into the matter of the discrepant weights.

    Thursday, January 30th: The next morning, Alex was working with a team of students to pack up the portions of the exhibit that would not be on public display and noticed that the wick from an incense burner used by the Dervish mystics was missing. Calling on Kelly to help figure out what happened to the missing wick the only 'clue' they could find was a chalk outline of a door on the outside and inside of the building. There were no obvious attempts to break into the building, and nothing else unusual was found and Chris had to leave in order to begin his shift.

    That same evening, while Francis was hanging at the bar with some of the members of her club, several members of the Fangs came in started trouble. The waitress immediately called the police, as the altercation escalated from verbal to physical. Francis stayed back, but her club was more than holding its own until the leader of the Fangs went totally berserk, grabbing the leader of Francis' club by the neck and throwing him over the bar with one hand ('Bull', as he is called by Francis' gang is several inches over six feet and weighs well north of two hundred and fifty pounds). As this was going on Kelly and another patrolman arrive on the scene. When they enter and try to get control of the situation, the Fang-berserker rushes forward, avoiding the taser that both officers fires, and grabs them, one in each hand. As the Fang leader runs through the door of the bar, he rams the two officers through the plywood walls of the bar. Other officers arrive on the scene and quickly call in the paramedics. Chris is one of the ambulances to respond and she helps treat Kelly who has some minor wounds and is more shaken by the experience than seriously injured. Still, he is put on medical leave for one week.

    Friday evening, January 31st they all gather in the bar and go over the events and findings of the week. As their discussion is beginning to wind down a young man, around the age of the friends, sits down with them. He seems to know, if not all about them, then at least this man is far more familiar with them than any of the friends find comfortable. He introduces himself as Andy and states that he is interested in the friends because they seem to be on an interesting path and he is curious to see how the story plays out. He invites them all to come to a part that some of his friends are hosting Saturday evening, giving the address of an area off on Interstate road which has warehouses in it rather than houses or bars. Andy throws six gold coins on the table, one for each of the friends, as a token to gain entry to the part. The coins, he says, are for the characters, whether they choose to come to the party or not, and they do not have to give them back at the party, merely show them to enter. Andy also promises that they will have the opportunity to get some answers to questions at the party as well that may help them to understand what is going on. Everyone except for Francis took their coin, but when Francis was trying to leave the waitress attempted to 'return' the coin to her.

    And so the session ends.

    Are the shipping discrepancies really of no consequence? Why is the wick missing from the incense burner and who took it? How is Greg Wheeler not in jail? How was it the leader of the Fangs was able to throw around several adult men in the fight? What were the two Fang members looking for in the container yard at Florida Tile? Who is Andy and what is his real interest in the group?

    As always, the forum is open to player observations and in-character commentary. The next session will pick up on Saturday, the day of the party that Andy had invited the friends to.
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  • Rich, we have an early morning art show for the girls on Saturday, so will be there but will need to leave by 11. Hope we can wrap it up by then, but if not, the three of us will have to make an in-character exit. Sorry about that but with the drive home, midnight is a bit late for us when we have to be back in Lakeland in the morning. :)
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    Fairy tales teach children that monsters can be killed."
    -- G. K. Chesterton
  • That should not be a problem, I think we should be able to wrap things up right around 11.
    It's "Role Play" not "Roll Play" big diff...oooh! I got a natural 20!
  • Popping in here because I apparently had 2 characters sign in on the Guild sign in sheet. While that's fun and all, we do actually do something with these sheets and it throws off our work on the back end. So, who is playing Frances and who is playing Chris? Also, can we please not do this for official sign in sheets? I know not everyone likes having to do it, but it's important stuff we're trying to do with this info and we can't do it if we don't have accurate information.

    Your slightly frazzled Guild Mage
  • A re-cap and introduction for the next session. Looking forward to seeing everyone again at the upcoming guild meeting!

    The events at the warehouse and the strange meeting with the seem to fade away as you each make your way home. It seems almost like a strange dream, though the words of Andole and the events stay, it is difficult to bring the memories into focus. It can't have happened like you remember it, an empty warehouse does not become a palace...strange, whatever drug that you were given must have really screwed with your head.

    Matthew: Arriving at your apartment, still in a bit of a fog from what had happened, you walk in before realizing that you door was unlocked. Immediately in focus you go through the apartment, Nothing is obviously missing, but everything seems slightly out of place as if someone was very careful about searching through the place and trying not to obviously disturb anything.

    Alex: It is strange, you can still feel the sword and shield. You have played around with such things when fighting with your medieval re-enactment group, but what you did...did you do it?...there is still a rush of adrenaline from the fight and the victory. As you get back to your room and prepare for the evening a ring falls from your pocket, silver with a small sapphire set it it, there is a heraldic image that you remember from the events of the evening, the heraldry of the Baron who lent you the sword and shield.

    Chris: So...strange. Everything is so surreal, and has been since all of you got back together with Matt's return. This evening've known some psychotropic drugs that can have weird hallucinogenic effects, but you never personally experienced anything like this. Where you even drugged? Nothing seems real, but you can't seem to bring the memories into sharp focus. You do clearly remember the conversation with Andole, you are the one to cares for the group he had said, but how?

    Francis: You didn't even want to go to this stupid thing...some random guy hands out a bunch of gold coins that turn out to be chocolate and everyone falls in line? You walk through the house, trying to recall exactly what happened...did Alex really fight someone with a sword?...none of this makes ANY sense at all. Your gang leader is dead, those Fangs...that stupid steroid freak that busted up the your friends get on some hippie-drug trip. WTH. As you lie back on your bed, still dressed, eyes closed and ready to crash out until morning you hear your name being called...its the dead leader's voice...screwing your eyes shut you will the world to make sense again. The next morning when you get up and shower, in the steam on the mirror the word "Revenge" is written out as if someone had scrawled it with their finger on the glass.

    Sam: Things just keep on getting more strange. This whole deal with Florida Tile doesn't add up, odd transactions and nobody seems to give a straight answer to the questions you are asking. The weirdness with the car accident a couple of weeks ago, then the attack at the bar where Kelly got thrown through a wall? Everything culminated with...well, whatever happened last night. Look past the obvious with art to see the real meaning...or whatever Andole had said. What the heck is that referring to? You still feel weird, almost hung over when you finally get home. Then walking into the door you heart catches in your through when you hear your fathers voice "We need to talk."

    Kelly: WTF. The whole world has gone mad. Suddenly the car accident and the claims by Francis and Chris don't seem so drugged-out impossible. Your shoulder aches from being thrown through a wall, and your neck is bruised. One week off from the force, and you could use it. What was it with that party? Better not be a drug test when you go back into the office next week. That stupid...what was his name...Andole? Lucky you didn't arrest him. If you weren't so wiped out you probably would head back to that warehouse and take him in. Closing your eyes as you sit down in your chair you begin to drift off, seeing the events at the bar unfolding once again...the face of that Fangs guy doesn't even look human...
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  • OOC

    So last session saw some interesting developments. The two missing containers that were shipped from the middle east for Pyramid Enterprises were found, but the group did not have a chance to fully investigate them, although they did discover that Theron was at the scene and in the containers.

    Before Alex, Sam, and Matthew could do anything about the discover, Francis' gang decide to get some payback on the death of their leader Bull, and went into the warehouse guns loaded. There were 'attacked' by a couple of stone statues that were moving and fled the scene.

    Chris was called to the scene of an animal mauling in Lake Parker Park, and it looks like one of the Fangs gang members was in the wrong place at the wrong time...or is it as coincidental as it might seem?

    Francis had her apartment broken into and ransacked, and has moved in with Chris until she can find some other arrangements.

    For the upcoming session:

    Laura and her family will not be available for the session. While this poses an unexpected twist, I will be handling the twist in game. Their characters will not be available for the game session, instead I will have some handouts available that will fit in with what we are doing with the session. This won't change the overall story-line, though it will affect the details somewhat. I'll have a separate write-up that I will give for the characters Mathew, Chris, and Francis that will go over what their characters experience during the time frame of this session.
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  • Hey Rich,
    I'll not be able to make the meetings on May 13th and/or May 27th. Sorry to spoil the party....
    Steve (a.k.a. Alex)
  • I'll not be able to make June 26th, either. I'm not doing this on purpose. I promise! Have a good game.
  • steve33813;10093" said:
    I'll not be able to make June 26th, either. I'm not doing this on purpose. I promise! Have a good game.
    The epithet on poor Alex's tombstone.

    No worries. Hope to see you soon.

    It's "Role Play" not "Roll Play" big diff...oooh! I got a natural 20!
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