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Pilot's Briefing to the Air Campaign

Welcome to the Great War. It's September, 1915 and the Western Front in Europe has become virtually static as both sides struggle to gain dominance and the ultimate prize - breakthrough! As the United States maintains neutrality it's citizens feel far more strongly towards the plight facing the countries from which they draw their heritage. Some are even feeling the draw of "the old country" so strongly that they volunteer for service on both sides of the fight by joining those attempting to master the latest technological marvel: the aeroplane. To accommodate them the Entente (Allies) stand up the Flying Tigers squadron under the British Royal Flying Corp (RFC) and the Central Powers task the Luftstreitkräfte’s to form the Rote Teufel Geschwader (Red Devils Squadron). Now they will face off above the treacherous battlefields of France to see who will become true knights of the sky and return home as ACES OVER LAKELAND!!!!

Historical Note: While the campaign draws heavily from the actual history of WWI, the Flying Tigers* and Red Devils Squadron are purely fictional with their names being inspired by the campaign setting/players (i.e. Lakeland). There were, however, many Americans who did volunteer for overseas service before the U.S. entered the war. And as the campaign progresses, the overall situation will draw heavily from the actual, historical timeline of WWI, but the individual operations, the technology (i.e. when certain planes were produced), personalities and unit names will largely be fictional to ensure a compelling and coherent game experience.

External Links
The JDL ACES page (updates, roll of honor, etc...)

--Uses the Wings of Glory WWI game system produced by Ares Games
--Players manage a roster of pilots on either or both factions: Central and Entente
--Players receive service awards for accomplishments in the campaign.
--Pilots are used in missions and may survive, be wounded, captured or killed!
--Pilots earn victories by defeating enemy pilots.
--Pilots earn promotions and awards by accomplishing missions and achieving victories. – including becoming an ACE!!!

1. Campaign Phase: Factions are given missions for the Turn, squadrons receive replacements/additions and campaign special events are resolved.

2. Planning Phase: Squadron Leader assigns pilots to scenario(s) secretly.

3. Combat Phase: Scenarios are played.

4. Cleanup Phase: Survival rolls are made, previously WIA pilots are returned to duty, victories are awarded to pilots and any applicable campaign special events are resolved.

Personalized Planes
Unless stated otherwise, all game components will be provided by the GM for official air campaign. BUT, If a player owns and wishes to use a specific plane they need only contact the GM! Depending on the mission, the player's plane may be used as a proxy or "as is". Either way, this gives players the option of personalizing their game experience, including the option of using custom paint jobs for their favorite pilot's plane!!

Wings of Glory WWI Official Site

Basic Rules

*Historical sub-note. There was a Flying Tigers squadron in WWII made up of American volunteers flying in defense of China. This is purely coincidental.
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